From the mobile screen to the big screen, YouTube to Vimeo, shorts to series, interactive music videos to whatever we think of next, Bionic Arm provides the marketing expertise and the latest tools necessary for content to connect on multiple touch points and go way beyond traditional storytelling. 


Frank Horton wanted to get his hands on 1 of 500 available Ford GTs - along with every other car enthusiast in the world.

When we started the project, there were already thousands of amateur talking head application videos on YouTube. To cut through the clutter, we let a professional make the case for Frank. With over 50,000 views in a month and counting, we think it's a pretty darn good case, too. 

Ford took notice. Now, if you want to know how Frank Horton rolls, you better believe it's in 1 of only 500 2017 Ford GTs ever made. #BOOM

Studio: Brent Humphreys

Ford went out their way to say how much they enjoyed the video, a bright spot in the tedium of watching and upwards of 14,000 entries. It felt really good for Henry Ford III, Bill Ford, and Raj Nair to recognize the work you did. Thank you!
— Frank Horton


Depending on how you look at it, we either micro-funded a music video for award-winning singer/songwriter Salim Nourallah cleverly using online classified ads to sell 5-second sponsorships for as little as $5. Or, we created several dozens of branded content clips for featured fans, brands, and attention-seekers to promote through their own social media channels. 

ROI, check. 


"Make us a film based on '1991', the year we were founded."

"Okay. 1991 was when the Cold War ended. An atomic bomb. Anatomic by Opus Orange. Anatomically correct. Mannequins. Survival Town. Done."

Commissioned by New Belgium Brewing and Opus Orange for the Clips Beer and Film Tour, this is the story of two mannequins that lived out their lives in Survival Town as a romantic couple testing the boundaries of love.


To some, Josh Faun might be your average, ordinary goat-person, but for this coming of age half-man, half goat who likes to play flute, dance, and eat berries, this year is turning out to be anything but average. On his journey out of the woods and into the mainstream, 1991 will be the year Josh falls in love for the first time and discovers all the things he's been missing. Commissioned by New Belgium Brewing (founded in 1991) for the Clips Beer and Film Tour. 


As part of Nike's The Chance, a worldwide search for soccer's most promising talent, we followed one American hopeful from his home in California to the Nike Academy in England to compete for one of a handful of highly coveted spots on the Nike Academy team. 

Studio: Curious Beast  Role: Writer, Creative Director


Award-winning singer, songwriter, and producer Salim Nourallah is micro-financing his next music video using the unlikeliest of sources –, a marketplace for creative and professional services. For as little as $5, Salim will feature you or your brand in his music video, let you choose the scenes and his wardrobe, and more.


Sue Teller was a character Chad Rea created to inspire and instigate youngsters to use more do-it-yourself creativity by showing them what many of the pioneers of the “movement” are doing. YouTube videos alone were viewed over 7 million times. An interview with AARP. Invites from Ellen, BET, Tonight Show, and Hollywood events. Featured on DIRECTV’s blogger video program The Fizz and at the HappyHour Short Film Festival. When Mountain Dew decided it was the end of the road, uh, someone released one last video. 8 years later, she is still being discovered, remixed, and promoted through sites like Buzzfeed. Sue Teller lives, even though we faked her death. One of two sanctioned web films. YouTube for others.

Role: Writer, Creative Director


First there was Trebor Extra Strong Mints. Now, Mighty Mints, a much smaller mint with all the power of the original, was being launched. Out of the 6 commercials written by Chad Rea, the one that featured a mini-TV evangelist preaching the power of the mint through a catchy gospel ditty was the most talked about and had Jr. High school students singing it’s song throughout the U.K. Amen. One of 4 videos featured on Vimeo.

Agency: Mother (London) Role: Writer


Two seasoned serial killers do their best to overcome marital problems and celebrate their wedding anniversary with a doomed hitchhiker. Written, directed, and produced by Chad Rea. Shot with 3-person crew in 6 hours.


In this unauthorized corporate video obtained by Bionic Arm, Lidiya Orlova, V.P. of Game Concepts, responds to a customer's email regarding the type of video games her company should be making.

If you can imagine a Venn diagram with social good, comedy, and music intersecting, then you probably have a pretty good imagination.
— Chad Rea, Chief Content Writer + Director